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    Rover P5 Springs

    Rover P5 Springs

    British Classic Car parts design and manufacture brake upgrades for a large range of classic cars made in our factory at Redruth in Cornwall.

    We set out to produce the very best quality brake upgrades for an increasing range of classic cars and feedback from customers increasingly highlighted that many aftermarket parts are of somewhat indifferent quality and in particular we constantly heard of poor quality replacement leaf springs and that often the cheap imported springs failed prematurely.

    To address this we teamed up with Owen springs in Rotherham to develop a range of semi elliptic leaf springs, for a range of classic cars made to the OEM specification and the Rover P5b is the latest car to be added to our range.

    We endeavour to get the details right, not always easy as often much knowledge and detail has been lost over the last 60 years. In this case we are grateful to Chuck Berry for providing us with an original spring from which to make a pattern.

    We use high grade British spring steel and we are proud to qualify for the made in Sheffield logo.

    Details vary with each car manufacturer favouring their own versions and we try to make the springs to the correct OEM specification. Detail includes such things as tapers, buttons, interleaving and clamp overs, which are sometimes simple knock overs and sometimes bolted clamps. We try to achieve whatever are the correct features of the original springs and it is often information from classic car club members that helps us to achieve this and so we always welcome feedback and information on the correct spring rates, camber etc to help us develop new springs and broaden the range.

    Where possible, and when it is available, we will manufacture to the original imperial dimensions of steel; even a minor change in thickness from an imperial to a metric can have a big effect on the spring rate and while the camber and dimensions look the same the rate will be different and the car will not handle as it should.

    Many aftermarket springs are either made from poor quality or incorrect steel and are then not properly heat treated. You cannot make a good spring from poor steel, but you can make a bad spring out of good steel, if it’s not made correctly.

    Customer feedback alerted us to the fact that the original specification springs were not being produced and was therefore worthy of being develop as a new product.

    Trials of the new spring have been good and these will be in stock in 2018

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    MOG 2016 - Morgan Owners Group Magazine

    MOG 2016 - Morgan Owners Group Magazine
    Revival Cars in Coventry is a classic car hire fleet with a growing and eclectic range of interesting classic cars that you can hire. Perhaps reliving past or first ownership (they have a lovely little Morris Minor soft top) or experiencing a car you have always wanted but know you can’t afford. For many hirers it is ‘try before you buy’ by hiring the car you’ve set your heart on in order to make sure you like it as much as you think you are going to before committing the hard cash on a purchase.

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