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    Did you know there are very few regulations governing brake design in the UK? Brake pipes, pads and some fittings have to conform to various international standards but what if I told you that the brake calipers themselves don't have to be designed or made to any particular standards? Or that there are no test procedures that brake suppliers have to work to? That is why there are so many horror stories about brake failures in the classic car world and there is no restrictions on cheap imports made using questionable material to a poor standard. Let's face it, brakes are not the kind of thing you want to take a chance on. You want a brake kit that has been produced to the highest quality, to international quality standards, and tested to destruction in a number of formats. BCC control all of our design processes with a dedicated in-house product development team. We carry out our own testing until we are 100% satisfied that the product is fit for purpose and we control the manufacturing process in our own UK factory.

    Below we give you an idea of the steps we take when creating a new brake design using our ISO9001:2015 quality standard. Make sure the brakes you buy are produced and tested to the highest standards.

    Research and Development


    Within the WES Engineering Group we have been designing products for over 30 years for blue chip customers in a range of industries. In 2014 we decided to embrace this further and built a dedicated Research, Development and Innovation facility in our factory which we filled with graduates and product engineers to focus on new product development and testing. We are now approved under ISO 9001 for design as we have developed our processes significantly in the last few years so that we are confident and competent at designing safety critical, complex design projects.