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    Classic car theft is on the rise! Organised crime rings and opportunistic thieves are targeting classic cars as new cars become harder and harder to steal.

    Did you know - just 5% of stolen classic cars are recovered!?

    How would you feel if your unique classic was stolen? All those hours working on it. All those memories. All those plans. Gone, never to be seen again. 

    Do you know where your classic is right now? Are you sure? How would you know if it was taken?

    The Classic Defender vehicle tracker is an all-inclusive security system designed to stop criminals at source and guard your vehicle from theft.

    Through the use of a mobile app you can know the location of your Classic Car 24/7.

    A combination of inbuilt motion sensors and GPS technology result in immediate alerts (SMS/Phone Call/App notifications) directly to your mobile phone the moment any unlawful activity is detected. Trigger points include: internal vibration, vehicle movement, keyless ignition or battery disconnection. Rest assured, if all these alerts go unheard, the Classic Defender has a remote-control isolator switch and all tracking capabilities that you come to expect from a product of this nature.

    Download the instruction manual