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    BCC Springs are made from British steel and are manufactured to an exact standard using an ISO 9001 quality control system to ensure the production processes for forming, tapering, eye rolling and tempering each spring are done to a consistently high standard.

    We manufacture springs that are as close to the manufacturers original specification as we can, we use the correct imperial gauge steel sizes whenever possible whilst matching the interleaving and fixings as best possible. Some detail can sometimes be lost over time so we are always open to information from marque experts.

    Please note that manufacturers sometimes altered the spring specifications between similar models, for instance the ‘L’ and the ‘GL’ model of an otherwise identical car may have springs with different rates to give a smoother more luxurious ride, conversely export cars often had tougher springs to cope with rougher roads.

    The springs on your car may not be the originals, a lot can happen in 50 or 60 years, and so our listing may differ from the springs you have on your car. It is therefore important to try to give us as much information as you can; the year of manufacture (not always the same as the date of first registration) the model designation and variant, e.g. Mk2 Escort Estate GL are all important but if it is available any information from the owner’s manual or parts book for the original part number or the spring rate will be ideal, but failing that the number of leaves and the approximate spring width, will help us to identify the correct spring.


    • Manufactured in the UK

    • ISO 9001 quality control system tested

    • Made to the original manufacturers specifications wherever possible

    Number of leaves OEM Number Vehicle notes Quantity required for vehicle Orientation Year Chassis end bush Shackle end bush Eye to Eye length (approx) Camber (Floor to centre of arc - approx) Weight BCC part number
    4 74EB5560CC Excluding 'S', V Engine 2 Longitudinal JAN 78 on - - - - Approx 20 - 30kg BCC-MFOR3432

    We fit standard Metalastic bushes where available. The availability of good quality rubber bushes is becoming an increasing problem. We generally know the fixed chassis end bush but the shackle end bushes were often sold by the manufacturer as a separate part and we do not always have these available. If you are a member of a car club you may find that your club has already sourced replacement bushes. Alternatively polyurethane bushes have the advantage that they can be produced in small volumes and these are generally available for a wide range of cars.

    It is crucial that suspension is fitted by a competent person, if you are unsure about any part of the fitting process please refer to a professional.