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    BCC Jaguar XK U bolts are made from British stainless steel and are manufactured to an exact standard using an ISO 9001 quality control system.

    We manufacture springs and u-bolts that are as close to the manufacturers original specification as we can.

    These U-bolts are for use with your original leaf springs or with our BCC leaf springs and are designed to replicate the original size of the U bolts whilst giving greater strength, durability and corrosion resistance. 


    • Manufactured in the UK

    • ISO 9001 quality control system tested

    • Made to the original manufacturers specifications wherever possible

    Number of leaves OEM Number Vehicle notes Quantity required for vehicle Orientation Year Chassis end bush Shackle end bush Eye to Eye length (approx) Camber (Floor to centre of arc - approx) Weight BCC part number
    N/A C7752 1/2" diameter 4 N/A - N/A N/A - - 20-30kg 1/2UBOLT


    It is crucial that suspension is fitted by a competent person, if you are unsure about any part of the fitting process please refer to a professional.