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    EBC Front Ultimax Solid Brake Discs
    The latest super quiet slot pattern for prestige and premium cars requiring discs that are almost totally silent featuring the latest chemically applied corrosion resistant black finish. This black coating has been tested with the industry standard salt spray test and proven to last anywhere between 2 and 5 years depending on conditions and represents the ultimate in disc rust prevention.
    Please note: The illustration shows a disc after it has been used for a period of time and the pad has rubbed off the black coating in the braking area. 

  • Wide aperture grooves prevent dirt build up and aid cooling
  • Black anti-corrosion coated castings offers EBCs best corrosion resistance ever
  • Quiet slot pattern
  • Increased lifetime over standard parts

  • Application Details

    • Ultimax Slotted Solid Discs
    • BOND Equipe 1.2 (1963>1973) Number Of Bolt Holes: 4
    • Diameter: 232mm
    • Disc Height: 27mm
    • Disc Thickness New/Min: 10/9mm
    Please note: this kit contains 1 pair of Ultimax Solid Discs and all fixings required to fit to your car.