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    Authentic Girling Calipers - updated to modern standards

    The 0101NVD (nov-vented) & 0101VD (Vented) caliper kit fits vehicles originally fitted with Dunlop Cylinders, including the following:

    Manufacturer Model Varient OEM Caliper

    ALVIS TD21    Dunlop 1 Yes Unverified
    Daimler V8-250   Dunlop 1 Yes Yes
    Jaguar 240   Dunlop 1 Yes Unverified
    Jaguar 340   Dunlop 1 Yes Unverified
    Jaguar E-Type Series 1 (3.8 litre) Dunlop 1 Yes Yes
    Jaguar E-Type Series 1.5 (4.2 Litre) Dunlop 1 Yes Yes
    Jaguar Mk2    Dunlop 1 Yes Yes
    Jaguar S-Type   Dunlop 2 Yes No
    Jaguar XK150   Dunlop 1 Yes No
    MG A Twin Cam Dunlop 1 Yes No

     Click here for a full list of potential vehicle fitments

    Machined in our UK factory from Aerospace grade aluminium for strength and durability, the Girling calipers are silver anodised to prevent corrosion.

    The pistons and brake pad pins are made from high grade Stainless Steel to prevent corrosion and ensure a long life of faultless operation.

    High quality, modern Caparo fluid and dust seals complete the assembly. 

    The calipers are fastened together with Holokrome Geomet bolts certified to grade 12.9.  These special bolts are imported from the USA to avoid the issues of hydrogen embrittlement (Standard 10.9 or 12.9 bolts can be susceptible to hydrogen embrittlement and fail in service - not a nice experience!). 

    Our kits are supplied with Copper/Nickel Alloy hard lines with Brass fittings.

    Standard Girling or Mintex pads are supplied with the kit, which can be upgraded to 1144 compound for fast road use if desired. 

    Every caliper is tested individually for leaks and a test certificate is produced upon completion. We can trace each caliper all the way through assembly and production back to the initial material production.

    We carry out extensive testing of our calipers using 3d modelling techniques, destructive testing and on-car performance testing to ensure optimal performance.


    This Girling brake caliper kit includes a complete bolt-on axle set, comprising a pair of  4pot calipers, Mintex brake pads (including pins, clips and springs), bleed nipples, bridge and feed pipes. Each kit is a simple bolt-on installation requiring no permanent modification to the vehicle and is completely reversible. 

    Main caliper body material specification = 7075-T6 Aluminum anodised to MIL-A-8625, Type III, Class 2.


    OEM Caliper Lug Spacing Mounting Hole diameter Overall Length Overall Height Overall Depth Piston formation Caliper Threads Required alloy size
    Dunlop Cylinder
    3" (76.2mm) 12.8mm 189.50mm 99.90mm 111mm 4 x 41.2mm 3/8" UNF Stock

    Our calipers are designed to be a straight bolt-on replacement for your existing brakes with no modification to your vehicle. However please bear in mind that car production decades ago was far less consistent than today’s standards and minor differences are often found in classic vehicles.

    Click here to view the assembly diagram- non vented

    Click here to view the assembly diagram- Vented

    Click here to view our fitting instructions

    It is crucial that brakes are fitted by a competent person, if you are unsure about any part of the fitting process please refer to a professional.