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    Aluminium Calipers

    Our Anglesey Caliper kits include 6 pot front calipers and 4 pot rears and fits all models of Defender from 200tdi to late model Puma with ABS. The brakes fit under 16” rims including the Boost alloy and Wolf steel rims and improves braking performance considerably whilst adding a touch of style to your vehicle.

    The price of £3660 + VAT is for 6 pot front caliper with vented grooved discs, and 4 pot rear calipers (rear discs are standard non-vented - supplied at additional cost on request).

    • Fits all models of Defender with 16" rims or above
    • Available in a variety of colours
    • Hard anodised and ceramic coated for durability
    • Stainless Steel pistons and pins
    • Ceramic coating in a range of colours
    • Superior Holokrome 12.9 grade hi-tensile bolts
    • EBC Redstuff or Yellowstuff brake pads for ease of replacement
    • Large Diameter slotted discs included
    • Full traceability of all manufactured parts back to the material
    • Extensive laboratory and track testing to prove performance and safety

    BCC Land Rover Defender brake calipers have been carefully designed and developed over time by our product development team in our modern R&D centre.

    Using the proven BCC Anglesey design calipers (for 16"+ wheels) are machined in our UK factory from Aerospace grade aluminium for strength and durability before being sulphuric anodised all over to prevent corrosion.

    The pistons and brake pad pins are made from Stainless Steel to prevent corrosion and ensure a long life of faultless operation. High quality, modern fluid and dust seals are supplied by British manufacturers of OEM automotive hydraulic seals.

    BCC calipers are fastened together with high tensile Holokrome steel bolts certified to grade 12.9. Our kits are supplied with Copper/Nickel Alloy hard lines with Brass fittings and EBC Ultimax 2 pads (Other pad options are available).

    All caliper kits are assembled in our Advanced Engineering facility. Every caliper is tested individually for leaks and a test certificate is produced upon completion. We can trace each caliper all the way through assembly and production back to the initial material production.

    We carry out extensive testing of our calipers using 3d modelling techniques, destructive testing and on-car performance testing to ensure optimal performance.


    Each BCC brake caliper kit includes a complete bolt-on axle set, comprising a pair of BCC 6pot front calipers and 4pot rear calipers, Front Vented discs, EBC Redstuff or Yellowstuff brake pads (including pins, clips and springs), bleed nipples, feed pipes. Each kit is a simple bolt-on installation requiring no permanent modification to the vehicle and is completely reversible. 

    Main caliper body material specification = 7075-T6 Aluminum 


    OEM Caliper Lug Spacing Mounting Hole diameter Overall Length Overall Height Overall Depth Piston formation Caliper Threads Required alloy size
    RTC5572G 3.5" (88.9mm) 12.2mm 278.00mm 144mm 108.14mm 2 x 44.45mm, 2 x 38mm, 2 x 36mm M10x1 16"

    Our calipers are designed to be a straight bolt-on replacement for your existing brakes with no modification to your vehicle. However please bear in mind that car production decades ago was far less consistent than today’s standards and minor differences are often found in classic vehicles.

    We have been switching from e-clips to R-clips on our brake pad retaining pins to make assembly and changing pads easier (customer feedback told us e-clips tend to ping across the garage when fitting!). Some of our pins still use e-clips in which case we recommend using a small flat head screwdriver to push them into place.

    Click here to view the assembly diagram

    Click here to view our fitting instructions

    It is crucial that brakes are fitted by a competent person, if you are unsure about any part of the fitting process please refer to a professional. Please see our Approved Installers page to find your nearest BCC approved Land Rover specialist, or just take them to your local Land Rover garage.